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Sustainability, Consciousness, and Innovation

Lastest projects

Nature is the core essence of who we are as living beings on this planet. Every time we connect with nature, it's reminding of who we are and what is truly important in life. Nature is one of the most beautiful, healing part of our planet. It is a reminder that life is happening exactly supposed to.
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The Garden Design is one of the most important step of having a garden. Begins from idea, life style,  aesthetic needs to spent time in a beautiful and functional space. Also well design surroundings make a significant contribution to our quality of life and ecosystem.  


3D Visualisation

Our design studio is offering 3 D visualisations with photo realistic effect.
For us every detail of design is very important. How will look, what kind of mood we would like to present to our client, plants,  furniture, materials, all those things are making every design special.   



In the very centre of Warsaw we created a amazing place to be: Secret Gardens Of Shangri La ( Mystique Land of Tibet). In this special restaurant modern interior  enriched with plants and harmony have a healing impact  for a guest which are coming from concrete desert. 

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