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Groove Garden Design is a place where nature meets art.


As a following Landscape Architecture is an art.

 If you are looking Excellence, Art, Exquisite and Sophisticate space design we are here for you. We are outdoor space designers. For us Garden and Landscape Design is a direct relations among art, science, and nature. It operates exactly at the frontier between people and nature, developing transitional connecting zones between the outside limits of buildings and engineering structures and the natural forms and processes that surround them.

No doubt much art recognizes, expresses, or symbolizes nature in some way. Only the arts of garden and landscape, however, produce works in which nature participates directly with more-processed forms and materials. As in most other arts, garden and landscape design must solve not only aesthetic but also technical and functional problems. Gardens are for horticulture as well as for viewing, parks are for active recreation as well as for passive relaxation. The surface of the earth must be covered to prevent erosion, dust in summer, and mud in winter. Water persists in running downhill, and even light garden structures must have adequate footings.


Stylish garden design is not only plants and paths it's All About Outdoor Living Style. Then we will recommend you pergolas (wooden, bio climatic), chimneys, water curtain, water walls, outdoor furniture (you are living in first beach line? Are you looking for furniture witch will not rust after one year? Yes we have in our offer special outdoor front beach line furniture). Are you looking Out door kitchen? No problem at all, we are cooperating with the best of a kind.


As you can see “Garden Design” is All About Outdoor Living Style where Art and Nature meets , Since and  Engineering.


This is it what we can offer to you if you will decide to hire us.

Filip Koziel

Landscape Designer and Horticulturist

Well known for his perfection of work and keeping eye for details, 

He has been perfecting  his work within landscape architecture since 1998. During five years 2000 and 2005 award winning Garden Designer in Warsaw. (Warsaw in flowers)  His vision includes traditional gardening arts as well as the latest global trends. He believes that  the quality of design to be of utmost importance. It is the original concepts and a creative view of the composition that determine the garden’s value.


His free time is spending on traveling, doing sport, reading


Rocío Teba 

Artistic Soul of Groove Garden Design

Specialist in coordination, communication, service distribution and customer service. Consultant, creative and budget manager for Groove Garden Design.

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