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Our Vertical Gardens Idea

“From nature to your Home”

Groove Garden Design would like to present to you a vision of modern interior vertical garden design.

You may ask:

“For what I need a vertical garden in my personal space”?

We have the answer.

Nature is the core essence of who we are as living beings on this planet. Every time we connect with nature, it's reminding of who we are and what is truly important in life. Nature is one of the most beautiful, healing part of our planet. It is a reminder that life is happening exactly as it’s supposed to.

As persons who believes that we’re all interconnected, we think it’s essential to find ways that we can connect with nature in our daily lives. We as humans are meant to be interacting with nature.

We’ve been doing it for thousands of years. It’s only recently in the past two centuries that we’ve started to lose that connection with the outdoors as our jobs and lives have transitioned inside into factories, corporate offices, and classrooms.

Since it is not always possible to spend all day every day outdoors, we need to find ways to compensate so we can still experience nature’s benefits within our homes and workspaces.

Nature naturally makes us feel better emotionally, and also improves our physical well-being.

It boosts our immune system, lowers our blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, reduces the stress in our lives, improves our mood, increases our ability to focus, accelerates our recovery from illness or surgery, increases our energy level, and even improves our sleep.

Did you know that your stress levels and mental fatigue drop when you visit green spaces?

Our vertical gardens/ Living walls has some benefits for you:

The plants in a living significantly improve air condition. The wall filters particulate matter from the air, converting CO2 into oxygen. Only one m2 of living wall extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 per annum from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen.

A cleaner air leads to fewer health complaints such as headaches and respiratory irritations, as well as increases in focus and attention. Complaints such as irritated eyes, headaches, sore throats and tiredness diminish.In offices where there is plenty of greenery, there is a noticeable decrease in absence due to illness.

Living in a green environment has a positive effect on the

well-being of people. Green rooms stimulate relax by reducing stress. Blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain activity could all be improved by viewing plants for as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

Positive moods enhance learning and more efficient decision-making on complex tasks. Green exposure results as well in greater use of logical reasoning and more innovative approaches.

A green workplace can result in a 15% increase in productivity. Plants have a positive effect on people working in home office.

A living wall reduces the ambient temperature. Plants also absorb sunlight. More accurately, 50% is absorbed and 30% reflected. This helps to create and more pleasant climate during summer time.For the indoor climate, this means also that 33% less air conditioning is required, which in turn means energy savings.

A living wall also acts as a sound barrier to the building. It absorbs 41% more sound than a traditional facade. Thus, the environment becomes much quieter with noise levels similar to those found in nature.

The natural and sustainable appearance, combined with a reduction in energy costs, means an increase in the property’s value.

What about you guys, have you already fill your home or your garden with plants?

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